7:30pm EST

"Somewhere between the Earth and the Cosmos, there lies in the stardust a quaint, quiet town.

A town where the young can flourish forever with endless tomorrows and maps with no bounds."

In Endsville, young people who died at the same time as major cosmic events can travel freely through one another's memories. Though they cherish the town and the idea of staying young forever, they too dream of a day when they'll be able to return to Earth to finish their lives. When Jovie arrives in the summer of 2017, it becomes clear that Endsville will never be the same again.

Join us for the virtual premiere of ENDSVILLE

on Saturday, November 7th @ 7:30pm EST.


This complete virtual production will serve as a fundraiser for BLACK THEATRE UNITED and BROADWAY FOR RACIAL JUSTICE. 


In lieu of tickets, we encourage audience members to send a donation via @Kanyi-Creppy on Venmo - 100% of these donations will be split between Black Theatre United and Broadway For Racial Justice.



ENDSVILLE merchandise is available HERE

100% of profits from orders placed by December 13th, 2020 will be split between Black Theatre United and Broadway For Racial Justice.


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Music, Lyrics, and Book by Kanyi C


Julia Adams

Brianna Brice

Kanyi C

David Dines

Eric Elson

Matthew Ryan Healey

Scott Hoke

Sabrina Kalman

McKenzie Kupres

April Lillard

Gary Lumpkin

Andrew Overton

Wildlin Pierrevil

Emma Pittman

Brielle Rivera

Michael Swain-Smith

Marthaluz Velez

Diamond Essence White

Casting                       Stage Manager

McKenzie Kupres                     Rozzie Heeger  

Madison Sylvester